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Improving teamwork in Exxon”CST Workshops for Program Developer Engineering Managers helped them better understand differences between their styles and those of their clients in the operating divisions. Improved communication and operating results were immediate and so powerful it was decided to make the CST workshop a required training experience for all MCS (Mathematical Computer System) managers.

Improved Cross-Cultural Communication and Teamwork involving U.S. managers working with Chinese, Malaysian, Phillipine and British managers in Caterpillar Tractor Company in Hong Kong and Singapore. Prior to CST management training, different national managers worked differently, valued different results and frequently spent endless hours writing reports intended to clarify what other managers intended and meant. CST provided a common language of communication and understanding that reduced time, effort and “wheel-spinning” and increased teamwork in the globalized marketplace.

CST sparked one of the largest sales ever made by an account manager in the Coca Cola Company © a single sale involving hundreds of gallons of syrup accomplished in four minutes utilizing the principals and techniques of “style-flex” the Coke manager learned in a CST workshop.

Car and Driver, the nation’s leading magazine for car enthusiasts has used CST for more than twenty years to improve communication, alignment and partnership with external clients using C&D advertising; internally CST has helped managers to transform previously fragmented business functions into inter-disciplinary business teams bringing a greater range of style strengths to solve significant business problems.

Barlow Rand, a major South Africa conglomerate retained Dr. Mok to conduct management workshops involving strategies to improve communication, goal setting, job-coaching and effective management of change. Although aparteid was still the law in South Africa at that time, Dr. Mok’s workshops involved black supervisors and mixed racial training groups, thus spearheading a significant breakdown of previously maintained racial barriers.

CST assists in world-wide mergers. When two of the world’s former “Big Eight” accounting and tax firms decided to merge, a CST professional was brought into the newly merged organization to help overcome attitudes of fear, anxiety and resistance and to build new teams, establish new leaders and to explore values and cultural differences.

The CST team of professionals provides a variety of strengths to help executives, managers and staffs to go beyond the basics and achieve new levels of awareness, understanding and trust in working together.

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