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Since Dr. Mok first developed and copyrighted Communicating Styles Technology, there have been many attempts to “copycat” his work. Despite these efforts, people continue to appreciate the quality of the authentic CST material.

Clients, consultants and trainers appreciate that Dr. Mok’s Communicating Styles Survey and related material represent the most practical business application of Jung’s work “Psychological Types.” He has extended Jung’s research and which has been validated by the use and appreciation of more than four million individuals in more than five thousand corporations and other organizations; this is the data base for which over the years has supported and extended the face validity of this descriptive instrument. The survey is used all over the world and is now available in Spanish and Portuguese. Please let us know what other languages might benefit your organization?

CST can unlock doors to communicating, enhance team building, improve morale, reduce stress, increase sales, promote empathy, produce results and achieve greater satisfaction through more effective and strategic communication. CST works.


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P.O. Box 3065
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P: 972-496-6700 / 408-246-3045
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