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Training Associates Press is the developer of CST. We also provide related materials and self administered learning tools.

COMMUNICATING STYLES TECHNOLOGY (CST) MATERIALS can be used to pinpoint an individual's behavioral style profile. Considered by many to be the most versatile, state of the art communications tool for training, development and team building, CST has almost limitless applications.

The Communicating Styles Survey has been administered to more than four million individuals in more than 5,000 corporations and other organizations all over the world. Our users include some the largest banks, technology companies, universities, health associations, Legal associations, CPA associations, Oil Companies, Utility Companies and Not for Profit foundations, multi international conglomerates, and others.

We provide a wide range of communicating tools and publications developed by Dr. Paul Mok. He was inspired by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. Mok extended Jung's initial research and translated it into a format that can be understood and used by anyone. Companies, hospitals and non profit organizations alike have found CST works. CST continues to be one of the best and lowest cost communication aids to be found anywhere in the world today.

We will be closed for business from April 24th - May 1st, 2023. Any orders made during this time won't be processed until May 2nd, 2023.