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How May I Help You? by Dr. Paul Mok

I always look forward to holidays with mixed feelings. How do you feel about the inevitable shopping?   Last year was something of a revelation to me.

A very attractive young lady- probably old enough to be a great grandchild to me- cut right to the chase.

“How do you like to be helped?” she said.

“ I’m not sure I understand your question,” I replied.

“ Would you like me to pitch some great products ?”

“ Or would you be more comfortable getting a few things on line? “

“ Or if you like, I can arrange to have a couple models to model sleepwear for example?”

I was getting more interested. “ I like to browse on my own, see what things “jump out at me” – – then ask questions. “

Obviously she didn’t want to go against my grain. I really appreciated her efforts to “get on my wavelength.”


In workshops over the years many participants have asked me “if I style-flex, will the individual I’m trying to influence- – will she or he think I’m a phony? Will she be put off?

I don’t think so.

I wasn’t offended or put off by the way an undisclosed personal shopper approached me last Christmas.

Indeed, for the first time in my life I’m actually looking forward to holiday shopping this year…