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In Memory of Dr. Paul Mok

By Christopher P. Mok


Like a shooting star, Dr. Paul P. Mok passed suddenly on May 25, 2014.  It was his desire to live life to fullest and he succeeded in that quest.  Many of you may remember him from his consulting days, a dynamic speaker that could melt away barriers between himself and his audience.  Maybe you were coached or counseled by him.   Some of you have remained friends…

I’ll just remember him as Dad who would hold my hand when crossing the streets to walk to school.  He would patiently explain the wonders of life and admit he did not actually encounter any dinosaurs when he was growing up.  Later on he would find himself traveling to Japan, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and throughout Europe routinely.  On returning from his trips he would never forget to bring me and my siblings a “surprise”.

Many people that have not met Dr. Mok personally may have an image of him as a serious scholar.  While he had an insatiable appetite for reading and consuming stacks of books at amazing speed, he also had other sides…

Some of my random images include seeing him returning home from his New York City commute and shedding clothes and diving into the pool like a playful kid (like I was).

In the end he proved to be a mortal human being.  He left us with tools to communicate better, warm memories, and a legacy of living with dignity and compassion.  I will miss my spiritual advisor, confidant, friend and father.