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Observations by Dr. Mok  told to Christopher P. Mok

Once a team of 5 executives have taken the Communicating Style (CS ) Survey  © and have validated their scores, you can use the technology almost as if it were a second language – one that is shared openly by the executive team.

I’ve seen this done effectively more than a dozen times.

“Let’s not make this a super Thinker project one exec says.  We don’t have the luxury of months to respond to the guys upstairs.  So what do we do?”

“Maybe Charlie who’s a strong Sensor can be the team leader on this project.  Our Intuitor George can help demonstrate where our industry is going and why  we can beat the competition”.

“Since my primary style is high Thinker, , I can be responsible for the background research and the final written part,” offered the top finance guy.

“That’s good but what about Feeler Mike? Where does he fit in?”

“ Would you be willing to “ sell” the project, use a lot of “down-home examples” – where like strategies have paid off?”

Parting comments from Dr. Mok:

“It may take awhile to learn CS speak, but every time you use it, it gets easier and easier.  You’ve got to really listen but this involves built-in cooperation and an atmosphere of honestly and openness. “