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Recollections from Dr. Mok’s conversation with Ross Perot

Disclaimer:  I was not present at the meeting and am retelling a recollection from
Dr. Mok retold years after their meeting took place.
By Christopher P. Mok

“What’s it like when your kids have everything Ross?”

“ Easy question cause my kids would probably tell you there’s all kinds of stuff they’d like and don’t have,” Perot replied.

“ Excuse me if I take a stroll down Memory Lane.  At age sixteen I was mowing lawns, washing windows, tutoring kids, shining boots, you name it —I did it…and my son’s doing the same kind of work.,”   Ross said.

“ It’s a known fact that you’re a multi-millionaire.  Why such a tough approach?” asked Dr. Mok.

“ I didn’t want to deprive my kid of deprivation.  When you have to work hard for something, you’ll take good care of it and appreciate it way more than getting a free ride..” Perot answered.

Does this anecdote reveal any behavioral style preferences?   Without taking a survey it’s virtually impossible to give a definitive answer.  What I find interesting in this brief  interaction, is that there are signs of all four styles.   Can you identify them?   What would you guess his primary styles are?

Let’s assume your assessment is correct, how would you approach  Mr. Perot to influence him to act on your idea or project?