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By Dr. Paul Mok

Can you change your natural primary communicating style? This question has baffled psychologists and managers for decades.

The most recent specialist to toss her hat in the ring is Elizabeth Bernstein who addressed this question in a Wall Street Journal article on Tuesday, April 22, 2014.

She claimed that  “personality traits improve on their own and it’s possible to speed change along.

She cited the case of Brandon Green, a 29 year old web analyst from Los Angeles.  He realized he tended to be negative, blamed others for problems he created.   He was seen by others- especially work mates as aloof and unfriendly.  Over a period of months he sought to become more open, more agreeable and more sociable.

In time others gave Mr. Green positive feedback.  In the context of the so called Big Five Personality Model developed by researchers in the 1940’s, he became more extraverted, more trusting and more inclined to use cooperation rather than compe

As users of CST know that CST is a behavior-based system.  It is possible to change behavior, but as Elizabeth Bernstein pointed out, it takes time and motivation.

Dr.  Christopher Soto, a research psychologist and director of the Colby Personality Lab at Colby University in Waterville, Main claims that “even small changes in a person’s personality can produce important effects on relationships, career, health and happiness.”

…to be continued in another blog by Dr. Mok…